Stopcock for the new millennium

With water becoming an increasingly expensive and rare commodity we must look at all ways of addressing how we control and maintain our water supplies.

Water damage to domestic and business properties costs millions of pounds and presents untold logistical problems; a solution to this drain on financial and natural resources has long been overdue.

These issues have, in part, been addressed by Tapoff who now offer the first electronically operated stop valve which simplifies controlling the mains water, offering practicality with heightened protection against water damage.

Millennium Products Award Winning unit replaces the antiquated stop valve, combining fingertip ease with microchip technology, ensuring the valves never seize or remain open in adverse temperature conditions. This is achieved with self-exercising operations and thermostatic sensors.

Couple this with the safety of being powered by battery, Tapoff offers complete peace of mind and convenience in controlling water.

This device has applications across both the domestic and commercial environments and is supported by a range that also includes time controllers, remote switching and frost stats to add to the main unit.

Last update May 1999

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